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These amazing jumping stilts have curved springs attached to the base, so when you press your feet downwards, the pressure of your weight creates gravitational energy, super charging the springs which push back to harness the energy - giving you the ability to jump to incredible heights and run with huge strides at amazing speeds!

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Fly Jumper jumping stilts are the future of leisure and entertainment amongst thrill seekers all over the world. The ability to jump 6 to 7 feet high in the air and run with incredible speed while leaping and bouncing is a sight never seen before in the whole world. This product is so fun and so special that it has developed into an all new extreme sport called Powerbocking. People all over the world are taking advantage of Fly Jumpers ability to promote an extremely fun and healthy lifestyle. Especially, for kids, it can be helpful in speeding up the growing process without adding stress to the joints. You will enjoy incredible heights and speed with your new Fly Jumpers.

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Fly Jumping is an extreme alternative to recreation and exercise that cultivates a brand new adventurous spirit in young people. Fly Jumper jumping stilts create an incredible experience through this exciting sport that has never been seen before in the sports entertainment world. This is truly a revolution in sports, a large discovery and a great contribution to the world.

Fly Jumper jumping stilts are designed according to different body weights. Beginners should choose the model (spring size) suitable for their weight range and begin by walking, hopping and jogging. Once users have developed their skills on Fly Jumpers they may choose to use springs for the next weight range up to perform some more difficult movements. Never choose a model designed for people who weigh less than you and for your safety, please remember all the rules of usage found in the user manual.

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Unlike some other online sellers we are an authorised dealer for Fly Jumper in Canada. Beware of sellers trying to pass themselves off as a genuine dealer of Fly Jumpers, you may not be getting the warranty and back up service you thought for the "prestige" price. Buy your Fly Jumpers here and take advantage of our great products, prices and customer service.

We take pride in being the best source for jumping stilts in Canada and we want to support all Fly Jumpers and help the sport of Powerbocking grow and develop all across Canada. We will always be here after you buy your Fly Jumpers, while many others will only be a memory. When you buy Fly Jumpers from us, you do so with peace of mind.


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